“I love you too much…more than anybody else will ever love you, if you live to be a thousand years old…don’t you know that you belong to me?”

Escape with us for a night in 1916 New York, and the century premier of a forgotten masterpiece, brought to life in a Hell’s Kitchen location from the play’s own era. 

Under the direction of Judith Feingold, and with the generous talents of Maria Swisher and André Vauthey, Cocaine by Pendleton King, beckons you to lose yourself and your senses in its hauntingly desperate, achingly lovelorn world.

This production of COCAINE is part of the John DeSotelle Studio Series:  its objective –  to provide opportunities for Studio members, alumni, recent graduates and current students in training, together with other actors, artists, designers, playwrights and directors, to apply their craft, enrich their skills and experience while artistically exploring new and existing works in a creative and supportive environment under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Through the vision and the volunteer spirit and generosity of these resourceful and inspired artists comes a fresh, exciting, and imaginative theatrical experience and artistic expression that audiences won’t want to miss!

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