Studio Series Fall Festival of New Works brings awareness to mental health issues, with all ticket sales going towards Fountainhouse:

Visible Cosmic Entities” 

     Director:  Nicholas Ferrara
     Featuring:  Jack Becker, Tim Boardman, Grace McGookey

“Hit Men” by Michael Tooher

     Director:  Sydney Wilson
     Featuring: Paige Anderson, Elisa Hafling, Andrew Mount

“Familiar” by Robert LeBlanc

     Director:  Albert Baker
     Featuring:  John Rearick, William Shuman

“Adrift” by Michael Eden

    Director:  Judith Feingold
     Featuring:  Emily DeSotelle, Cornela Groeger

This FESTIVAL is part of the John DeSotelle Studio Production and Festivals Series:  its objective –  to provide opportunities for Studio alumni, recent graduates and current students in training, together with other young actors, artists, designers, playwrights and directors to practice their individual’s crafts, develop their skills and experience while artistically exploring new and existing works in a creative and supportive environment under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Through the vision and the volunteer spirit and generosity of these resourceful and inspired artists comes a fresh, exciting, and imaginative theatrical experience and artistic expression that you won’t want to miss!

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